Money Saving Blow Open Chimney Baffles

Having experience in ventilation systems using fan air extraction in step stages or timed on , pause time off control we have found that the primary "cooling" or 1st stage fan actuators which operate all year round have a significantly shorter life than the other stage step fans or back up fans.

The result of this periodic operating for long periods results in the baffle flap actuator motor expiring the 60,000 operations life span, with the actuator motors needing replaced.

We have developed a Butterfly Baffle which will replace the existing swivel turn flap (by actuator motor) in the fan chimney to a set of butterfly flaps which hinge in the center allowing the Butterfly half circle flaps to open by forced air when fan is on, then to drop closed by gravity when the fan has stopped..

The Butterfly flap edge is wider than the chimney ring to allow a over layer to prevent rain from getting into the inside of the chimney, even with the butterfly open in rain the force of air from the fan should be sufficient to prevent rain into the inside of the chimney .

The New Butterfly Baffles can are fitted from the outside of the chimney and can be made to suit our needs, we are currently supplying 630mm also 820mm and can custom make to required size and specification.